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Welcome to Tams Mobile Massage Therapy offering Massage Therapy in Exeter and Devon

I am pleased to say that I am back! Please get in touch if you would like a treatment.
During lockdown I haven't just been resting on my laurels and baking banana bread. I've been working towards a qualification in Remedial massage which will help me bring some new techniques to the table very soon.

Check out my latest review from a happy client!

Hot stone massage was always something I thought was a mamby pamby beauty therapist treatment you got at posh spa hotels. Tam's treatment using hot stone massage was life changing. I had not been able to turn my head very widely due to a very stiff neck for years. Four months ago I had several hot stone massage treatments from Tam, who treated us whilst I attended a residential health and fitness programme. I can still move my head more than I was able to for years. A skillful practitioner and classic professional Tam would be a port of call for me regularly were I to live nearby her practice. I am jealous of those who can see her regularly.
Deena Gornick, Executive Coach


Tam is a really skillful sports massage therapist. She's strong and intuitive and really helped me with a shoulder problem. I think she is terrific. - Gabriele Griffin

My wife started having treatments from Tam a year ago and always spoke highly of them. She has had many massages in the past and they vary greatly but Tam's experience and technique is by far the best she has received. She always says she feels 'fixed' after Tam's visit. So I decided to give her a try and I have to agree with my wife. I spend a lot of time hunched over my computer which in turn puts a lot of strain on my back and shoulders. However, after a session with Tam, I always feel relaxed and invigorated. I highly recommend her. - Anthony

I practice as a mobile massage therapist in Exeter and the surrounding area and offer Swedish, Deep Tissue and Stone Therapy Massage at your home at a time convenient to you. I have recently started training so that in the future I will be able to offer Myofascial release.

I have over 20 years experience as a massage therapist in North Cornwall and Devon. I trained in Exeter at the School of Complimentary Therapies and was tutored by Stewart Mitchell who passed on his love of and fascination with massage therapy. I hold ITEC recognised qualifications in Aromatherapy, Sports Therapy and Stone Therapy and have also achieved a Pregnancy Massage Practitioners Diploma.

I am a fully insured member of the CTHA and can be found on their website by clicking here.

I feel that as a massage therapist it is important to ensure each client has a treatment tailored to their needs and so conduct a consultation with each new client. This ensures you are getting the treatment you need whether it be for a sports injury, a physical condition, back, neck or shoulder pain or just for relaxation and well being.

For Aromatherapy treatments I use Essential Oils to make synergistic blends to meet the individual needs of each client.

I recognise that it is important to be flexible so that you can have treatments at a time that is convenient to you and so offer evening and weekend appointments by arrangement.

As well as having my own clients I also provide massage treatments to https://torbaychiropractic.co.ukwww.thebodyretreat.co.uk and www.southviewlodges.co.uk.

Client Consultation

For each new client I will need to conduct a client consultation. This will require you to fill out a form detailing your medical history, past illnesses or injuries, and general fitness and lifestyle. I will also check your posture and range of motion. This will also be an opportunity to discuss your treatment in more detail. This consultation will enable me to ensure you have the most effective treatment, one that is tailored to your individual needs.

Male Client Policy

Due to the number of time wasters I will only accept male clients by referral.


I am able to travel 15 miles from Exeter. If you would like me to travel to you and you live further than 15 miles I will charge a £2.50 per every 5 miles after this. This is to cover not only the fuel and wear and tear on the car, but also my time.

The Treatment

In addition to the actual treatment time I will need to allow 15 mins to set up and pack away the equipment. If you are a new client you will also need to allow 15 mins for the initial consultation. I bring all the equipment needed and will just need adequate space to set up the table, and possibly hot water if you are having a hot compress.

Treatments Offered

Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue
This massage is good for relaxation and more serious neck and shoulder issues like 'desk neck'.
Choose from the following;
Neck, back and shoulders
Full body massage

Stone Therapy
A deeply relaxing treatment using heated basalt stones. This treatment works on the principles of thermotherapy, using heated stones then cold stones to stimulate the body's own healing response.
Choose from the following;
Stone Therapy (Full body Massage)
Stone Therapy (Back Massage)

The 50/50
Stone therapy followed by deep tissue. This treatment is extremely good for sports injuries or people with tight hamstrings leading to low back problems. The heat enables the therapist to provide a much deeper treatment.
Choose from the following;
Back Massage
Full Body

Especially good for stress, anxiety and worry. This relaxing treatment uses a blend of pure essential oils chosen for your specific needs.
Choose from the following;
Neck, Back and Shoulders
Full Body
Full Body and Facial


I am available to provide massage for parties. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke massages available on request

Benefits and effects of Massage

In order to understand the benefits and effects of massage, it is important to consider how the body responds physiologically.

Massage involves two types of responses:

  • mechanical responses as a result of pressure and movement as the soft tissues are manipulated
  • reflex responses in which the nerves respond to stimulation.

    The Physiological Effects of Massage

    Effects on the Skeletal System
  • Massage can help increase joint mobility by reducing any thickening of the connective tissue and helping to release restrictions in the facia.
  • It helps to free adhesions, break down scar tissue and decrease inflammation. As a result it can help to restore range of motion to stiff joints.
  • Massage improves muscle tone and balance, reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints.

    Effects on the Muscular System
  • Massage relieves muscular tightness, stiffness, spasms and restrictions in the muscle tissue.
  • It increases flexibility in the muscles due to muscular relaxation.
  • It increases blood circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle.
  • This reduces muscle fatigue and soreness.
  • It promotes rapid removal of toxins and waste products from the muscle.

    Effects on the Cardiovascular System

    Massage can:
  • improve circulation by mechanically assisting the venous flow of blood back to the heart
  • dilate blood vessels helping them to work more efficiently
  • produce an enhanced blood flow; delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissues is improved and the removal of waste products, toxins and carbon dioxide is hastened via the venous system
  • help temporarily to decrease blood pressure, due to dilation of capillaries
  • decrease the heart rate due to relaxation
  • reduce ischaemia (ischaemia is a reduction in the flow of blood to body parts, often marked by pain and tissue dysfunction).

    Effects on the Lymphatic System

    Massage helps to:
  • reduce oedema (excess fluid in the tissue) by increasing lymphatic drainage and the removal of waste from the system
  • regular massage may help to strengthen the immune system, due to increase in white blood cells.

    Effects on the Nervous System
  • Massage stimulates sensory receptors: this can either stimulate or soothe nerves depending on the techniques used.
  • It also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping promote relaxation and the reduction of stress.
  • Massage helps to reduce pain by the release of endorphins (endorphins are also known to elevate the mood).

    Effects on the Skin

    Massage can bring about:
  • improved circulation to the skin, increased nutrition to the cells and encouraging cell regeneration
  • increased production of sweat from the sweat glands, helping to excrete urea and waste products through the skin
  • vaso-dilation of the surface capillaries helping to improve the skin’s colour
  • improved elasticity of the skin
  • increased sebum production, helping to improve the skin’s suppleness and resistance to infection.

    Effects on the Respiratory System
  • Massage deepens respiration and improves lung capacity by relaxing any tightness in the respiratory muscles.
  • It also slows down the rate of respiration due to the reduced stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system

    Effects on the Digestive System

    Massage can:
  • increase peristalsis in the large intestine, helping to relieve constipation, colic and gas
  • promote the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which stimulates digestion.

    Effects on the Urinary System
  • Massage increases urinary output due to the increased circulation and lymph drainage from the tissues.

    The Physiological Effects of Massage

    Massage can help to:
  • reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body
  • create a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem
  • promote positive body awareness and an improved body image through relaxation
  • ease emotional trauma through relaxation

    Source: massagetherapy.co.uk/therapies-information/treatment-descriptions/benefits-effects-of-massage


    I have various recommendations from clients I have treated which you can see below and on the recommendations page of this website and also on Facebook. Please feel free to like my page, get in touch and leave me some feedback!

    I'm also on LinkedIn and would welcome the chance to connect with you on here, you can view my LinkedIn profile by clicking here.

    Recommendations from my Facebook page

    I consider myself exceedingly lucky to have found Tam. In my opinion she is the best. Intuitively, she hunts down the knots and tensions and works hard on them. She doesn't give up. I love the fact, that she treats me at home, it is pure luxury, and following her treatment I can tell the difference! A new person! Tam is professional, flexible, courteous and most importantly: competent (that's what you want, when someone works on your back and neck!) I'm so grateful I have found her! - Tanya Deakin

    Having trained as a holistic therapist and owned my own complementary therapy business I am always apprehensive about massage therapy. I am acutely aware of both the need for correct technique and the importance of a good understanding of anatomy and physiology. Tam has a fantastic knowledge of both these aspects and many others besides. She is a consummate professional who always makes me feel at my ease and is incredibly respectful of one's privacy and modesty during treatments. I have had many massages in my time, but I can honestly say that Tam is the one professional who I have returned to time and time again. I always know that with her I will not only have a good massage but that she will intuitively and expertly work away tension in a way that works with my body rather than against it. - Morwenna Redwood

    Tam is an excellent masseur with great physiological knowledge. She knows exactly where the knots and tension is when she massages and works really hard to relieve it with various techniques. She's very professional and very easy to deal with. - Ricky Parker

    "Love my massages with Tam!! I've been having pregnancy massage with her throughout my pregnancy which has really helped ease aches and pains!! Would definitely recommend to anyone; she's very professional and great value for money!!" - Amanda

    "Tam makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in your own home. Respects your needs and is very friendly and gives great advice! Have had a few massages now and continuing to be a regular customer! Good value for money and always happy when massage is over..highly recommend" - Beckkie

    "Just had a consultation by the amazing aromatherapist Tam Hopgood who made some bespoke oil blends for me. If anyone needs pepping up, treating for insomnia, fatigue and many other conditions then contact her! She's awesome!". - Lorraine

    The picture below is of the stones I use in Stone Therapy being recharged in the sunlight. I do this after every Stone Therapy massage in order to recharge the stones with the sun's energy. The sun's energy revitalises the stones and ensures each client feels the full benefits of their treatment.


    Home. Stones in sunlight
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